Lulu California Bistro (Palm Springs, CA)


Wasn’t planning on eating here but saw how popular it seemed and just the decor itself is so inviting and chic.

Very nice patio seating area but we opted to sit indoors since it was too warm outside.

Was not disappointed by the overall decor of the place–LOVED it!!

Our good-looking server, Michael, was very friendly and had a great smile to go with it.

Bread was VERY good!! Good thing they didn’t leave us the whole basket, otherwise we would have gobbled it up in no time. I ordered ceviche, it was okay, nothing exciting–would definitely order something else next time. The bf got a veggie burger–didn’t look very good (felt a little bad for him, haha) but it turned out tasting AWESOME! Basically, his burger looked how my ceviche tasted; and my ceviche tasted how his burger looked… Hahaha!!

You DEFINITELY have to finish your meal with their bread pudding!!! Ohmigoodness!!! That’s all I have to say! JUST. ORDER. IT. You will thank me later! And (!!) get your own portions!! With a scoop of ice cream!





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