It’s Boba Time Cafe (Canoga Park, CA)


It’s Boba Time Cafe is located in the Westfield Topanga Mall–I’ve passed it numerous times since they opened (less than a year, if I’m not mistaken) and have always wanted to go in. The interior set-up and color scheme is inviting! (Their designer/decorator accomplished the job!)

Lately, I haven’t been having much boba drinks even though I love it–last few times weren’t all that great and I suppose that just kind of turned me off… until now!

This place is DELISH!!!!

I was so excited to taste it, and then after tasting the awesomeness of it, I forgot to take a picture before I inhaled it, haha!


Vanilla Shake with Boba (Empty)

Lately, I’ve been on this kick with shakes… mmm… the creaminess sweetness. Now, having boba added to it… pffffft(!!), no friggin brainer! I saw on their menu that they also offer kale smoothies, got to try that next visit! Hopefully it’s as good, if not better, than the shake I had today. On top of getting a healthier smoothie, I can get boba added to it?? That will be my go-to drink! I’ll even drive out of my way (slightly, haha) and search for parking JUST to get that! 

I realized something right now… I’m publicly fantasizing about a green smoothie with boba, hahaha! 

As I was trying to say… yes, the vanilla shake boba is a must! Made with real ice cream! Not that “healthy” junk 😛


Taro Slush with Boba

As you can see, I was close to taking another empty cup pic, haha. 

Rating from Eli–“it’s okay.” He still prefers another boba place we go to in Van Nuys (review will be coming soon). Even though his drink was smooth–no chunky ice pieces–and started off tasty; half-way through, the taste got bland. Um… that’s not cool and kind of sucks :/ That’s too bad. It looked like it was good. I guess that’s why it took him as long as it did for him to finish… I was wondering about that while we were there. But I just thought it was because he was playing with his new Samsung Note 4…

Eli Playing with His New Samsung Note 4

Adults and our toys 🙂


I’ll definitely be going back to try other flavors (kale smoothie!!) and avoiding the taro slush. Will also see how their taro milk tea tastes–I’m assuming it’ll be good… based off of my vanilla shake experience, even though the two are completely unrelated to one another, haha.

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Zanos Pizza Kitchen (Woodland Hills, CA)


Zanos is a locally owned eatery that we’ve already visited a good number of times… enough for the owner (sweet lady whom I forgot her name) to deem us as one of her “regulars” and we kind of have a “usual table”… yeah, we’re cool like that 😛

We visited last week and got…


Greek Salad

I’ve gained a slight amount of fat over the holidays and have made a conscious effort to eat healthier and in human size proportions, haha. I love salad, but ONLY when it’s chopped and tossed. I dislike salads that are just piled with various ingredients and I’m supposed to mix it on the same dish/bowl that I’m to eat out of? No, thanks… I can always foresee a mess and parts of my lunch/dinner on the table. 

I digress.

As soon as I took my first bite of this salad, two thoughts came to mind–first, I instantly recalled how I had one of their salads once before and wondered why I haven’t ordered another salad since; and second, this salad is practically perfect (if there were such a thing). A very good balance of romaine, feta, some kind of bean (haha, red, I think), onions, olives, and Balsamic dressing… oh, and the requested peperonicinis 😀 I LOVE me some peperonicinis, I can eat those out of the jar! 


Pepperoni Pizza

Okay, so, this one is pretty self-explanatory 🙂 One of America’s household food staples, pepperoni pizza! 

Eli’s report on it–he thinks it’s just okay. He says he’s had better; not a fan of the crust. This is thee only place I’ve seen him NOT finish the crust–very unusual… pizza is one of his top three food choices. 

I, on the other hand, really enjoyed this pizza… more than 95% of others I have tasted… enough to think that I don’t like pizza. After having a slice of this (minus the pepperoni, I don’t eat beef), I’m thinking that I DO like pizza, just haven’t had much of the good ones… apparently. What did it for me was that it wasn’t bland–there was flavor other than just tomato sauce and throwing cheese on there. And yes, it does taste as good as that picture depicts!


Zanos is a no-brainer for us! Definitely a place we’ll go over and over again! Not only is the food good, but the service is phenomenally friendly and warm–and not that fake kind. Sometimes, it feels like we’ve been transported to a locally-owned eatery in a quaint, neighborly town where everybody knows one another–the likes of the Andy Griffith Show.

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Lemongrass Thai-Halal Restaurant (Canoga Park, CA)


This was an unexpected trip to this little Mom and Pop type of eatery. We had originally planned on a different Thai restaurant just around the corner from Lemongrass, but they were closed (for New Year’s, I’m guessing).

And how did we find this little quaint place? Duh… Yelp, of course! 🙂

As usual, I just scanned through the images and it looked decent. So, we made our way over.

What’s neat about Lemongrass is that they not only serve Lunch Specials but they have Dinner Specials, too! And I am totally a sucker for Specials of all sorts! 🙂 Naturally, Eli and I both ordered from that menu–which consisted of the typical Thai Specials dishes (ie curry, pad thai, pad prik king, etc).

Neither of us were that hungry and wanted something light–Specials in this type of environment are usually smaller in portion, so it was practically screaming our names, haha!

As with all Specials (I’ve used this word too many types in a short amount of time, not cool), our dishes came with soup, rice, and an egg roll.

The pre-main course soup…

Dinner Special Soup

Pretty basic–some cabbage, carrots, and… that’s all, haha! Even though it was pretty plain, it tasted decent since the broth was just right (not too salty and not too bland). And thank goodness for that because we had just come in from the chilly weather and I was really looking forward to having me some soup to warm up my insides 🙂

My entree…

Chicken Red Curry

As usual, I asked for it to be made extra spicy but rarely does it ever come out that way… this is where the chilis in fish sauce comes in! 🙂 The curry itself was a tad on the blander side and a bit sweeter than I prefer; so, overall, it was just okay for me. But (!!) the portion was perfect! Both our dishes came with egg rolls… I’ve had better, slightly mushy on the inside.

Eli’s din-din…

Beef Pad Gra Pow

Since I don’t consume beef, I didn’t try the meat, just had some of the dressings that it was stir-fried with–I liked the combination of flavoring… much better than I had expected, especially after having my dish. Eli reports that it was good except it was spicy for him (in case you don’t already know, spicy is no bueno for him)–he still ate about 85% of it, though. He left some of the dressing behind and that’s where I had a taste and decided to eat the remainder since it was so flavorful, hehe!


I’d definitely go back again! Prices are a little lower than the average and the food is good and enjoyable. Plus, I like how the portions are smaller because I have a bad habit of eating everything on my plate. So, in this circumstance, I can clear my plate and not feel guilty or too full afterward! 😀

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