Asha Indian Restaurant (Tarzana, CA)


For many, many years, I thought that I just didn’t like Indian food. But as it turns out, I’ve just had bad Indian food in the past :/ Fortunately, a friend was very adamant on us eating Indian since he had recently discovered it himself while on a recent trip to Northern California.

I wasn’t expecting it to be much and even thought that I was going to waste a meal–I take meals/eating very seriously and can get annoyed by bad-tasting food since my eating is mainly based off of Intermittent Fasting practices, so my meals are limited.

(Before I go any further, I’d like to mention that this post/review is not on the restaurant that my friend and I went to; but one that Eli and I went to a week later.)

We were at home, so, as usual, I pulled up the Yelp app and searched. We decided on Asha Indian Restaurant in Tarzana, CA, since it has a decent amount of reviews and the overall rating is almost five stars.


Garlic Naan

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to have an Indian meal without any garlic naan! It’s like getting garlic bread at an Italian restaurant–it is a MUST and a necessity! Haha! 

Vegetable Curry, Lamb Coconut, Brown Rice

From my experiences as of late, the Indian dishes I’ve been ordering aren’t that appetizing to the eyes, but, fear not, they are yummy to the tummy 😛 But with that being said, Asha’s Vegetable Curry and Lamb Coconut was on the lower to lower-mid end of the “Just Okay” scale.

There wasn’t anything special to the vegetable curry and the lamb coconut wasn’t much different from the curry–they were both just “eh.” The restaurant’s interior setting is on the nicer side compared to the other Indian restaurants we’ve been to, but that doesn’t amount to anything significant if the food isn’t that great nor is the service that awesome. 

Speaking of service… (sigh)… where do I begin? 

The service wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t pleasant either–think of awkward and a bit uncomfortable. There was the server, who took our order–middle-aged man, fuller frame–who gave off the impression that he’d definitely rather be doing something else but trying to mask his dissatisfaction by insincere gestures and words. Then, there was the food runner/bus person–younger looking man–who kept on walking up and down the aisle where we were seated and scoping out our table. It wasn’t the typical “Let me see if they need water” type checking up–it was as if the more he walked by, he hoped that we would have something for him to do. Basically, it was like having a third person at our table, but not really. O_o


We will not be returning to Asha Indian Restaurant any time in the near future. Goes to show that just because a restaurant has great reviews, it doesn’t always guarantee a positive experience. Oh, well… onto the next!