Blink Energy Water Review



For whatever reason it may be–packaging, un-colored liquid, caffeine… I was compelled to purchase this, against my better judgement. Why would I ever doubt my gut? 

Took 1 sip of this and it’s enough to make me not ever want to try another new energy drink ever again (or at least for a while, haha)! It wasn’t exactly like drinking plastic but maybe the beginnings of what plastic would taste like if somebody began mixing a scrap piece of it in boiling water. This may be pretty dramatic but that just happened to be the first think that entered my mind 😔

Anyhow, I definitely won’t be purchasing this again and probably won’t be trying any new energy drinks for a while. Unless you guys can recommend one or some that doesn’t make me want to gag it out. 

Have any of you tried this? If so, what did you think of it?