Peppers Thai Cuisine (Palm Springs, CA)



Front patio seating


Main room


Hmm… Having come from LA (plethora of delicious, reasonably priced Thai restaurants), initially, it was hard for me to see the slightly higher prices. 

The atmosphere is not completely casual, more like the higher end of casual (hope that makes sense). 

The clientele is definitely more non-Thai (non-Asian, in general). The flavoring is more toned down and spicy factor was almost nonexistent. Thank goodness our server was Thai (a couple other servers weren’t Thai), I was able to speak to him in Thai hoping that our food would come out more Thai-like, haha. 
After our food arrived, I asked for a side of the traditional Thai chili peppers in fish sauce–even that wasn’t spicy. I’m assuming that might be because they don’t use much Thai chili peppers–they had mixed in Serrano chili. 
As for the food, we ordered Thai chicken fried rice and yellow curry w/ soy meat (don’t ask, haha). For where we are and their usual clientele, the food was decent. Does make me appreciate LA’s Thai food more now, though 😀
 Also, what’s nice is that they have the option of substituting soy meat for any of their dishes, yay! So, no worries to all you vegetarians out there! 😀
The staff are all very friendly, nice, and professional! That always adds to the experience. 
Overall, even though the food was just okay and a bit more pricey than I’m used to (compared to better tasting Thai food), I still give them a 4 out of 5 taking into consideration the location and great service–it’s not always about the food 😀


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