Grandma Kim’s Family Diner (Canoga Park,CA)


One of our GO-TOs!! Local’s definitely need to go at least one… And then you’ll probably go many times after that! 😀 
From the very first day, we saw patrons coming and going; and most of those were regulars (can tell by the interaction). 


 They have KBBQ but everything is grilled in the kitchen–personally, I prefer that since it doesn’t get my whole being all smoky smelling. I don’t have to rush home to shower and wash my hair, haha!


Unlimited Sides


Kimchi Tofu w/ Pork


Spicy Brisket Soup

 We’ve had a variety of deliciousness here… Can’t really go wrong. Their BBQ is on the slightly sweet side (I’m more of a savory BBQ gal), so I don’t order their BBQ. Do love their hot pots, bibimbap, and ramen. Just wish they would have pork dumplings–they only have beef dumplings, boo…
Their sides are tasty, too! I prefer their sides over most other Korean places–maybe I’m just accustomed to it. 
Overall, definitely check it out!! Local or not, stop by and have a meal!


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