Phoenix Bakery (Chinatown Los Angeles, CA)



Too cute not to take a pic πŸ˜‰

I wasn’t aware of this place till recently when i volunteered to pick up a Strawberry Shortcake for a friend’s b-day–she LOVES their shortcake. Drove from the San Fernando Valley just for this cake… My first thought, “this cake better be/must be awesome,” haha! I wouldn’t have made the drive but when it’s for a good friend’s b-day… πŸ™‚


I’m more of a dense/rich cake kind of gal; so, I had an idea already that it wasn’t going to be all that great for me (and it wasn’t for me, so…). I did get a couple of their pastries–that’s more up my alley. Got a Coconut Butterly and a roll that has cheese and pineapple (or guava) inside (reminded me of Porto’s). Pastries were tasty! 

Well, it comes as no surprise, I didn’t care for the cake–too dry and plain to me, nothing special to it, tastes like most other Strawberry Shortcakes I’ve had. 
Their service was friendly and nice… That’s ALWAYS a plus πŸ˜€


Overall, I wouldn’t come back here unless somebody had a special request. Though I may not care for it, it seems to be a go-to/staple in many people’s lives–especially considering that it’s been open since the early 1900s (if I’m not mistaken). Go just to say you’ve tried it–that’s all it was for me… Well, unless you LOVE yourself some Shortcake πŸ˜€


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