Sushi Planet (Woodland Hills/Calabasas, CA)


Oh, boy… 

This was such a big disappointment 😔

I saw this place advertising on FB, promoting their happy hour 😒 Got there and learned real quick their HH is (to put it kindly) uninteresting. 

Immediately, food items on the HH menu were “eh.” I figured, at least I might get a decent drink, one of their sake martinis… My hope was short-lived–they were out of ALL the flavors! Really?? 😑 Server, then, recommended a whole bottle of sake… Um, I just wanted 1 drink 😳 On top of that, he stood there… Waiting… Till Eli decided on beer and me on plain ol’ water. 

At this point, I’m just looking for something even just ‘okay.’ Got it with the gyoza! Yes! Score!! Mind you, it was typical–nothing to ‘ooh’ or ‘ahh’ about, just glad to get something that wasn’t a let-down. I think I even have the same ones at home, that I bought from Trader Joe’s. 


Baked Salmon Roll… I don’t even know what to say anymore… Small, nothing like the menu picture, and not that tasty… At this point, I really wished we had picked some place else to go. But (!) still had an inkling of hope left that the other roll we ordered would make-up for this one! 

And… It just got worse 😫😖😤 This Tropicana Roll costed $13!!! Can’t really tell from the picture here; but it was tiny, falling apart, and was limp (if that makes sense).

Keep in mind that this is obviously MY opinion and is because I’ve experienced much better sushi at the same price point. If I’ve never had good sushi before, this might have been okay; but I would’ve grown up and learned real soon considering there’s a plethora of sushi joints. 

When the bill came…

We were no longer disheartened by the experience, we were now frustrated-though the whole bill wasn’t that much, it is too much for what we received in terms of quality! 

We will definitely not be returning! These are one of the few experiences that makes me hesitate to try new places; but, in the end, at least we can appreciate more of the other awesome places we’ve been. 

PS… We should’ve been suspicious when I heard most of the staff speaking Thai 😕