Beep’s Diner (Van Nuys, CA)

Breakfast, Diner

I’m going through a waffle phase at the moment… It’s literally the first thing I think of to eat in the morning (or afternoon πŸ˜€ )! 

Today, I made my way to Beep’s Diner. I’ve had this place on my radar for a while and think I may have gone here years ago w/ a friend but don’t recall much about it (shrugs). 

Though I had this bookmarked in my Yelp app, it came up because I was in the area and was specifically looking for a waffle! Haha! Just thinking about it now makes me want to get another waffle πŸ˜›

I can’t say that it’s the best waffle I’ve ever had (it was slightly burnt on the outer edge of one tiny side) but for $5, you just can’t beat that!! I mean, c’mon (!!), $5!! And it was a total of $6 something w/ coffee… WHA?? 

Now, keep in mind that this is not a fancy place. It’s an establishment that’s been around for over fifty years and it is a place to get inexpensive, decent food on the go–a diner that’s part of a community and have their regulars.

While I was there, there was a consistent flow of patrons going in and out… Always a good sign πŸ™‚

The service–the service was definitely more than I would expect from a place like that. The person who helped me was friendly and smiling–which should be the norm but, unfortunately, it’s not. You order at a counter and they bring the food out to you–no number is given, but your name is taken for the order. 

What’s great about this place is that they serve breakfast ALL DAY!!! Yes! To all those breakfast-lovin’ junkies, you can wake up late and still grab eggs and pancakes. Again, prices are great! 

CONCLUSION: You’ll definitely find me here again soon! If not for waffles, maybe for fries! πŸ˜€ 


Betty Lou’s PB & J Bar – Peanut Butter & Blueberry


Got this little goodie at Sprouts Market. It was an impulse buy–was in the checkout and saw that it was on sale for 89 cents… Why not? It looked like it would be good and can’t help that I was suckered into it by the non-GMO and gluten-free marking at the very top there, haha! 

I’m no allergic to gluten (that I know of) but I always get pulled into the non-GMO stuff.

It really does taste like a peanut butter & jelly sandwich! For those that are allergic to gluten and love PB&J sandwiches, this is the thing for you!! I also love how it’s a small/single portion–I’m working on controlling my portions O_o With this, I can eat the whole thing and not feel bad afterward, haha!

This reminded me of Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar. Very similar and also non-GMO–they have gluten and non-gluten versions. That’s yummy, too–review coming soon πŸ™‚ Betty Lou’s PB&J Bar seem a little more dense than Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar–just an observation, doesn’t affect my opinion on it. 

CONCLUSION: Thumbs up! Grab some and have it as a snack for on-the-go! 

FOH Restaurant (Downtown Los Angeles, CA)


Front SignFront Entrance SkullsInterior 2Interior

First things first… I LOVE the interior of FOH!!

As we were seated, I was hoping to enjoy the food as much as I enjoyed being a part of this relaxed, trendy, not-too-loud setting, haha!

Can’t say much for their alcoholic beverages, but can say that I adored how they laid out their drink menu–imagine four quadrants, each quadrant appointed to a particular taste (i.e. bitter, sweet, sour, etc); so, each specialty drink was placed according to taste… so ingenious! I’ve never come across anything like that before (does this show how much I don’t go out for drinks?? πŸ˜› ).

Onto the food…

We got to sample a few things πŸ˜€ These were some of our faves…

Jalapeno Cornbread

Probably can’t tell from this image, but the cornbread was placed in a deep pan. Getting a piece was more work than it should have been (hopefully they alter serving method); but aside from that, it was warm, moist, and has a bit of a kick to it (if you ate a jalapeno). Slap some of the honey butter on there and you’ll just want to keep shoveling that into your mouth, haha! Screw using a knife and fork trying to be proper and neat… just spread the butter in the pan and eat right out of there! We didn’t actually end up eating like that since we were family-styling it w/ some other people, haha! That’s the only thing that stopped us πŸ˜›


I’m not a red meat eater, but Eli is–good thing one of us is because according to Eli, this was awesome and a must-try! I did have the quail egg, though. Didn’t realize it was a quail egg till after gulping it down. I thought texture feltΒ kind of different from a regular egg but figured I was imagining things… I wasn’t, haha. Now, I can say that I’m not a quail egg fan–it tasted okay but there was just something about the texture that was off to me (the yolk was more runny than a regular chicken egg). Also, I’m not a corn tortilla fan. So, going by these last few sentences, these tacos weren’t quite for me; but Eli did love them! The meat was just right for him.

Pork Chop

Okay… this one… *sigh* my mouth is watering just from looking at this picture and reminiscing of when I was devouring it, haha! And I’m now feeling more hungry than I did just 30 seconds ago… oh, there goes a stomach growl, haha! The meat is so tender and moist… and flavorful! We both enjoyed this one!

Steak Frites

Steak… no bueno for me :/ Eli, on the other hand, LOVED this one! The coffee rub put a different twist on it–and BTW, the coffee rub is decaf to take into consideration a diner’s possible sensitivity to caffeine πŸ™‚ I REALLY wanted to try this one, but I couldn’t get myself to do it–no cow for me. But (!!) the fries, they were fantastic! Perfectly crisp and just the right amount of salt and garlic… I WANT SOME NOW!!!!! Not even joking right now!! o_O Wish there was a place that had as good of fries as these closer to me! Yes, THEY ARE THAT YUMMY!!! (Confession: I think I filled up on these fries, hehe!)

CONCLUSION: Definitely go check out this spot if you’re in DTLA or don’t mind trekking on over there. You won’t be disappointed! And order off their drink menu, would ya?? πŸ˜€

thinkThin(r) High Protein Bar – Brownie Crunch

Gluten-free, Snack

I know, not as fancy as a restaurant or takeout from a restaurant ;P But, nonetheless, I wanted to share this w/ the you Internet people out there! πŸ™‚

Just to give a little back story… 

Though I’m technically a certified personal trainer, I prefer to use the term “fitness enthusiast.” πŸ˜€ I go to the gym most days of the week, averaging about 4-5 days minimum. It’s one of my priorities each and every day–some days it doesn’t work out because that’s just life; so, I don’t beat myself about it if I don’t make it since I make it more times than not. 

I’m not hardcore like some who are strict on their eating habits and supplements. There are certain goals I have but I give myself flexibility–I’m a foodie!! πŸ˜€ Depending on what kind of exercise/routine I’m doing on a particular day, it’ll call for different supplements afterward. On my harder days (with weight training), I opt for BCAAs immediately after working out; and within a time frame between 30-45 minutes, I’ll either have a light protein focused snack or a protein bar. 

Today was a protein bar day–I felt like making it easy today. 

BTW, I am not one that tends to grab for the protein powder (even though I have a tub of it sitting in my kitchen as I type this)–that takes more work than I generally like to handle since I prefer powders mixed into a smoothie. One of the grossest and nastiest things for a human to ingest is protein powder shaken with just water or milk… YUCK!!!!!! 

I digress…

Back to thinkThin(R)’s bar… This particular flavor, Brownie Crunch, isn’t too bad considering I’m not much of a chocolate person (unlike my childhood self). Most bars should be eaten with plenty of water–that reminds me, I need to go drink some water NOW! It’s not heavy like a Quest Bar (thank goodness!) but just slightly heavy/dense for my liking. 

I probably wouldn’t eat this bar unless I had a craving for chocolate or a brownie–which is rare. But for those that love chocolate in their lives, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this! One gets to satisfy chocolate/brownie craving while gaining good-for-you nutrients πŸ˜€ What more can you really ask for?? Good tasting and good for you! Well, much better than a Snickers bar–though yummy, doesn’t provide nutrients.

Another bonus… Nowhere on the ingredients list do you see “sugar” or “high fructose corn syrup.” YAY!! Also, for those interested, it’s gluten-free, non-GMO, and considered kosher. 

CONCLUSION: If you’re a fitness enthusiast, (like myself) are needing to add more protein into your life, and LOVE chocolate; DEFINITELY pick up a box/case of this! You’ll most likely won’t be disappointed!