San Tung (San Francisco,CA)


This place is well-known for their chicken wings. Wings are moderately glazed with Asian themed flavoring–probably has hoisin and is slightly sweet but not too much. The wings are bigger than Buffalo style wings. Wings were just okay to me since I’m more of a savory kinda gal and prefer more of a dry rather than wet chicken wings.

Come to find out later, ppl spoke about their dry wings–wondering now if I was supposed to specifically ask for that? At the time, figured that if there were options, they would ask…? Oh, well…
Eli liked the wings, though. He’s okay with it being slightly wet and sweet. 
In addition to the wings, I also ordered their green beans. I’ve gotten into the habit of always ordering green beans at Chinese restaurants, I’ve come to realize. Can’t leave the place w/o a plate of them. 

For those who are into beans as well, I’d avoid the beans here and save your $$–they were bland. Have had better home cooked ones. Looking at the pic again now, they did look delicious, though–too bad the flavor didn’t match the appearance 😔


Starbread Bakery (Vallejo, CA)


Wow, Wow, Wow! This discovery was a pleasant surprise! 

Thanks to my friend, Danny N, I was able to experience amazing Senorita bread! 

If you’re in this area and love soft, buttery, slightly sweet bread–RUN to this place and get a ton! Haha!
Idk if I am glad or sad that this bakery is not by my house, haha! Glad because then there’s no temptation for me to hoard and become a fatty from eating all the wonderful bread; sad because it’s not by me for me to hoard and turn into a fatty… HAHA!!