Apple Fritter Monkey Bread (Home-baked)

Breakfast, Dessert / Sweets, Homemade/Home-baked

My mom had visited last week and brought a butt-load of apples… why? 🤷‍♀️ I have no idea, haha! But that’s what my mom does–buy stuff in excess and leaves it at my house, haha!

Looked up some recipes and came across this…

Recipe – Apple Fritter Monkey Bread Seemed easy enough especially because it involves using canned biscuits (probably not the best thing to eat but it’s so good! 😂). Also, who doesn’t enjoy cinnamon sugar??? C’mon!!!! 🤤 Even w/ a drizzle of icing! So good!!!!!!

In the end, it tasted great! Even though the recipe called for as much sugar as it did, it wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would’ve been–a plus! Ended up making another loaf for a neighbor… hopefully they don’t have some sort of special diet (but I wouldn’t be surprised, I mean, we do live in LA–where all the trending diets are in full force 😂).

Eli says to make it w/o the apples the next time… I agree. But it’s dangerous for me to make things like this at home… because I’ll eat it like there’s no tomorrow 😖😫


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