Krua Thai (North Hollywood, CA)

asian, Thai

After a long day at work, a friend invited me to dinner… of course, I had to go! It was Thai food! 🤤

Ended up taking her to Krua Thai because Eli was cravin’ their Pad Gra Pow.

Wonton Soup–I had a pretty big lunch on set, so I wasn’t feelin’ for anything too heavy. Saw the soup on the menu and it called out my name… done! I wasn’t sure how it was going to taste–turned out pretty good! Was slightly sweet because of the BBQ pork–normally, I wouldn’t like that, but I was good w/ it this time 😊 The wontons were great–nicely wrapped and contained pork and shrimp. I’ll definitely be ordering again when I’m feelin’ soupy 😁

Pad See Ew–ma’ friend ordered this. Can’t ever go wrong w/ Thai stir fried noodles!! Yes, it was good! 🙂

Pad Gra Pow over Rice–what Eli was after! Got it, ate it, and was satisfied 😁

Thai Omelette w/ Ground Pork–we all shared this dish. Glad it wasn’t too crispy. We’ve had better before, but this wasn’t bad. The sauce on the side (slightly sweet, slightly spicy) makes this dish even better! Like homecookin’! 😁👍

We’ll continue to come back since it’s just one of those places that is reliable in flavor consistency.


Jasmine Thai Noodle & BBQ (Valencia, CA)

asian, Thai

Was in the area for work and craving Thai. Did a quick search and went w/ one that seemed to have good reviews and has a decent amount of them. Also, the pics looked so delish! Consciously made the decision not to overthink it, glad I didn’t!

Jasmine Thai is AWESOME!! Tastes like traditional home-cooking more than many others.

First up, of course it’s gotta be noodles!! 😝 They call it Pho Tom Yum. Originally comes w/ chicken but asked to switch to shrimp–surprisingly, they didn’t skimp on the shrimp and they were a decent size! And I love taking that first sip of broth when it’s full of flavor… I fell in love! 😜 By the time I finished, I was grateful that the portion size was for one person because I would’ve had to summon my willpower to stop eating, haha!

Grilled Pork–sharing dish of the table. Had just the right smokiness/grilled flavor!! 🤤🤤 Wish I had some now! Of course, this dish isn’t really complete w/o the dipping sauce–perfect combo!

Chicken Fried Rice–yes, yes, yes!!! So good!!! I prefer Thai fried rice over Chinese fried rice. Thai version has more of a sautéed kind of flavoring to it rather than the Chinese counterpart.

In the end, this place is a winner and must go back when I’m in the area again! Make sure to also hit up the tea & juice place in the same shopping center!