San Tung (San Francisco,CA)


This place is well-known for their chicken wings. Wings are moderately glazed with Asian themed flavoring–probably has hoisin and is slightly sweet but not too much. The wings are bigger than Buffalo style wings. Wings were just okay to me since I’m more of a savory kinda gal and prefer more of a dry rather than wet chicken wings.

Come to find out later, ppl spoke about their dry wings–wondering now if I was supposed to specifically ask for that? At the time, figured that if there were options, they would ask…? Oh, well…
Eli liked the wings, though. He’s okay with it being slightly wet and sweet. 
In addition to the wings, I also ordered their green beans. I’ve gotten into the habit of always ordering green beans at Chinese restaurants, I’ve come to realize. Can’t leave the place w/o a plate of them. 

For those who are into beans as well, I’d avoid the beans here and save your $$–they were bland. Have had better home cooked ones. Looking at the pic again now, they did look delicious, though–too bad the flavor didn’t match the appearance 😔


Lucky Noodle King (San Gabriel, CA)

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Came with a group of friends – love eating family style… means I get to eat more dishes and not limited to just one dish, haha!

It’s a cozy restaurant, looks family owned. When it comes to Chinese food, I’m not sure what to expect anymore–sometimes it unexpectedly delish; and other times, it’s unexpectedly terrible and super Americanized o_O

Fortunately, I am glad to say that these are non-Americanized dishes! (If i wanted Asian fusion, I’d go to one specifically advertising as such -_- )

Got their canned herbal tea (pic included, cans are different but it is the same tea inside)–better than I thought. It was slightly sweetened, but not like the commercial bottled teas that can be found in American grocery stores (think Arizona brand).

Started off w/ the chef’s special, Fish in Chili Oil–if you eat the chili, it WILL be spicy and most likely burn your throat (the unpleasant kind of burn, haha). But if you use the slotted serving spoon to get the fish, it’s great! 😀

Next, the String Beans w/ Minced Pork–I love me some string beans!! We always order this whenever we’re at a Chinese restaurant; so, it was only necessary to do so at this eatery. It was a great complementary dish to our table… but I must admit, I am biased to veggies… LOVE them!! 😀

Another veggie dish, Garlic Water Spinach–please order this!! I’m accustomed to the Thai version of water spinach but this is still a terrific (and healthy!) side dish!! I think I hogged this… or at least I tried to, haha!!

The BF was there, so, unsurprisingly, he ordered Chicken Fired Rice. It was as bland or bad as I was expecting–expectations have come by means of negative experiences at other Chinese eateries. A few of my friends didn’t much care for this but the BF and I thought it was fine–not the best, but nothing close to some ‘ugh’ ones we have had.

Service was awesome! Very friendly and personable!! If you’re in the area and are in the mood for Chinese, check it out!

Sam Woo (Van Nuys, CA)

asian, Chinese

One of our go-to’s! Not only do you get more authentic Chinese food (vs the Americanized version) AND the service to match!! 😂 Just kidding! It’s not that bad. But maybe they’re a little nicer to us because we’ve been regulars for years. If we were to go to another one of their locations, I can almost guarantee we would get that strong, cold Chinese server kind of service–they want you to eat, pay, and get out! 😳😑 Oh, yes, I have had that experience before at a Sam Woo in Las Vegas, NV. A group of my friends and I had dinner; we were chatting after our meal for a bit when a server came over with the bill, threw it on the table, and said “You pay! You pay now!!” 😒 Yep… (sigh)…

Anyhow, that’s not the case anymore and that was the only time–which occurred at the Vegas location where they were  generally cold and unfriendly anyhow 😑

Back to the Sam Woo located in the San Fernando Valley in SoCal…

I’ve tried a good variety of dishes there but since having gone w/ Eli, he likes to stick to the things he knows. So, whenever we go there now, there’s not much variety. Two of our usual are the String Beans w/ Minced Pork and the Fish Filet w/ Spicy Salt. 

String Beans – not much to elaborate on… It’s tasty and healthy, period! Even my daughter loves it! I love how it has the perfect crunch to it! 

Fish Filet – I once ordered this on a whim, had an itch to try a different plate. As you might have guessed, Eli was not excited and even went about making a stink face 😒 The irony?? We’ve had it during our last 5 visits there because Eli asked for it 😳 I’m beginning to get that itch to try something different again. I’ve grown tired of this even though it’s good. 

Service – the servers are awesome! Friendly and personable as an older Chinese man can be 😂 

Interior – they’ve updated the place in the last couple years… Has made such a difference! Not a huge renovation or anything, just upgrades. I feel better and cleaner eating in there 🙊

Overall, this is a MUST if you’re wanting Chinese and w/o the cold service. We’ll always go back… Let’s hope I’m successful in getting a different plate, haha!