Influenster: LIFEWTR


Received a complimentary bottle of this pretty bottle of purified water that’s pH balanced w/ added electrolytes for taste. Thanks, @influenster and @LIFEWTR! 
The bottle reminds me of Smart Water (which I enjoy) but this one differs by the oh so pretty packaging! The design of this bottle makes me WANT to drink from this bottle… why is that?? I suppose it’s the same when it comes to beauty packaging–when it’s more pretty/cute, makes me want to reach for it (i.e. Korean beauty). 

Taste of this water isn’t quite as smooth as Smart Water (I assumed it would be) but it’s still decent. I’d definitely grab it first because if the packaging… in a total sucker for marketing ploys obviously 😳

What’s cool about the design is that they give credit to the designer…

Thanks, Jason Woodside for the design! 😁

#2017 #InspirationDrops #contest