thinkThin(r) High Protein Bar – Brownie Crunch

Gluten-free, Snack

I know, not as fancy as a restaurant or takeout from a restaurant ;P But, nonetheless, I wanted to share this w/ the you Internet people out there! 🙂

Just to give a little back story… 

Though I’m technically a certified personal trainer, I prefer to use the term “fitness enthusiast.” 😀 I go to the gym most days of the week, averaging about 4-5 days minimum. It’s one of my priorities each and every day–some days it doesn’t work out because that’s just life; so, I don’t beat myself about it if I don’t make it since I make it more times than not. 

I’m not hardcore like some who are strict on their eating habits and supplements. There are certain goals I have but I give myself flexibility–I’m a foodie!! 😀 Depending on what kind of exercise/routine I’m doing on a particular day, it’ll call for different supplements afterward. On my harder days (with weight training), I opt for BCAAs immediately after working out; and within a time frame between 30-45 minutes, I’ll either have a light protein focused snack or a protein bar. 

Today was a protein bar day–I felt like making it easy today. 

BTW, I am not one that tends to grab for the protein powder (even though I have a tub of it sitting in my kitchen as I type this)–that takes more work than I generally like to handle since I prefer powders mixed into a smoothie. One of the grossest and nastiest things for a human to ingest is protein powder shaken with just water or milk… YUCK!!!!!! 

I digress…

Back to thinkThin(R)’s bar… This particular flavor, Brownie Crunch, isn’t too bad considering I’m not much of a chocolate person (unlike my childhood self). Most bars should be eaten with plenty of water–that reminds me, I need to go drink some water NOW! It’s not heavy like a Quest Bar (thank goodness!) but just slightly heavy/dense for my liking. 

I probably wouldn’t eat this bar unless I had a craving for chocolate or a brownie–which is rare. But for those that love chocolate in their lives, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this! One gets to satisfy chocolate/brownie craving while gaining good-for-you nutrients 😀 What more can you really ask for?? Good tasting and good for you! Well, much better than a Snickers bar–though yummy, doesn’t provide nutrients.

Another bonus… Nowhere on the ingredients list do you see “sugar” or “high fructose corn syrup.” YAY!! Also, for those interested, it’s gluten-free, non-GMO, and considered kosher. 

CONCLUSION: If you’re a fitness enthusiast, (like myself) are needing to add more protein into your life, and LOVE chocolate; DEFINITELY pick up a box/case of this! You’ll most likely won’t be disappointed!