Firehouse Restaurant (Tarzana, CA)


I can’t believe how long it’s taken us to eat here after driving by it so many times!!πŸ˜‘ All this time, we’ve been missing out!! 😫 Oh, well, better late than never! 😊

The interior is suiting and adds to the experience. I love how the chairs and tables are of quality… They’re heavy and sturdy! πŸ‘ I don’t come across that much these days–most tables and chairs all look the same and/or came from Ikea (nothing wrong w/ that, just nice to see something different ☺️). 

What we ordered: hummus w/ pita, fish gyro, Greek salad, and traditional gyro plate. 

All was delish! You won’t be disappointed! 

Hummus & Pita – I wish I could get this kind of hummus and pita at Trader Joe’s, but it’s never the same. Guess we’ll just have to come back sooner rather than later 😜

Fish Gyro (Sandwich) – my dish… All I can say is “YUM!” It’s probably not the first type of gyro ppl would normally order but it caught my eye. Actually, I didn’t know it was going to be battered fish–I was hesitant when server dropped it off since I don’t usually come across good battered fish. Glad this did not disappoint! The batter was pretty good, so good that I wanted to eat the batter and not picking out the fish 😜 The tahini sauce was tasty, too! I always thought I didn’t like tahini sauce but I think it’s just because I haven’t had good tahini πŸ˜πŸ‘

Greek Salad – Eli’s plate included their salad… Pretty typical. I forgot to ask for peperoncini beforehand. 

Traditional Gyro Plate (mix of beef and lamb) – Eli truly enjoyed his food! Even though it’s just fries, he mentioned how good the fries were (that doesn’t usually happen). Of course, the pita was delish! 😁 Eli liked the meats but said the lamb was a bit fatty. 

Service: server was professional and efficient, just not necessarily friendly–just straight to the point and done! Lol! I’d take this over bad service any day. 

Overall, if you couldn’t already tell, we’re definitely going back!! Writing about it now makes me want to go get some hummus! πŸ˜‹