California Fish Grill (Woodland Hills, CA)

poke, seafood

Omigoodness! I don’t know if this place can be placed more perfectly… it has become Eli’s and mine go-to after workout meal 8 out of 10 times. Same shopping center as our gym; so, we can just beeline over! 😁

Heard somebody raving about it and didn’t give it much thought. But, thank goodness to our laziness of not wanting to drive anywhere one night after working out, we discovered why ppl be raving about it 😝

The prices are decent and, from what I’ve ordered, the flavors are awesome! I usually stick to the poke bowls, the clam chowder, and some of their sides (Brussel sprouts and kale tabbouleh are winners). The hubs has ordered some of their fish plates—those aren’t as tasty as my dishes 😑 IMO, they’re a bit dry, no bueno 😔 The slice of bread that’s included… I don’t quite get it because it’s not toasted, warm, or buttered at all; literally, just sliced bread.

⬆️ Eli’s swordfish w/ Cajun sauce

As for the poke bowls, whether it’s salmon or tuna, you can’t go wrong. You have the option of it sitting on top of a quinoa mix or rice (brown/white). Also, if soup is your thing, the clam chowder is good, too–slightly thinner than what I prefer but still good.

⬆️ Appetizer Ahi Tuna

This location always has good service (to par), but we have been to another location in Culver City and that was kind of a mess (in terms of service and food)—maybe it was just that moment that we were there.

The interior is ALWAYS clean! And the team members are always on top of clearing and cleaning the tables—no matter how slow or busy 👍👍

Lastly, they have awesome soda—no artificial coloring!! Yay!!


The Poké Spot (Rowland Heights, CA)

Hawaiian, healthy, poke, seafood

Though this was a bit a way’s from my home, taking a bite out of the poké burrito made me forget about the distance! 😂 I know it’s going to sounddramatic but there was an explosion of flavor and freshness simultaneously partying in my mouth, HAHA!! (Note: not sure if the burrito is on their menu yet.)

This place also have their own house sauce–DEFINITE MUST HAVE!! What’s cool w/ this joint versus others is that they have pre-marinated tuna and salmon in a sauce–delish. That’s another plus… Healthy choices of sauces to flavorize your poké to your desire!

Yes, it gets better! 

Duane (sp?), the owner, is AWESOME, friendly, personable, open to customers’ comments/suggestions (I would think this is commonplace, but it’s not), professional, and I can tell he’s a hustler (hardworking) 😁 With a demeanor/attitude like that for a boss, you know it’ll trickle down and we, the customers, will get awesome service along w/ our yummy food!! 👏

Seriously, what more can you friggin’ ask for??? 😁

Oh… Dessert! Does it end?? Thankfully not! Hehe! 😆 I guess it could also be a “snack” if you weren’t looking to eat a meal of Poké–but that’d be ree-donk-culous! 😜


Did I make myself clear? 😋
Acai bowl – not too sweet, just perfect! 

That’s it… I swear! Just go and you’ll be glad you did!! 😄

Poké Bar (Studio City, CA)

Fast Food, Hawaiian


Went in on a MLK day (a Monday) around 12:30 PM… It was surprisingly empty but in the time that my friends and I were there, there was a steady flow of patrons coming and going. 
I’ve been to the location in Arcadia–didn’t know this was in the Valley till my friend suggested it… Yay! 

What’s great about poké, in general, is that it’s light, tasty, and healthy! Just right up my alley! 
Upon entering, it’s ALWAYS nice to see the place and food area clean (should be a given but not always the case 😕). It has a minimalist style to it–makes it modern/trendy. I also like the orange color of their theme 😊

It’s not a huge space, it’s the typical fast food (i.e. Subway) dining size. Again, I appreciate that it was clean! Haha!
In terms of the food, it tasted/looked fresh. The seafood didn’t have a smell at all. This is PERFECT for those on the go and wanting something healthy for a reasonable price!

The only reason I gave this place 4 stars is because the guy that was serving me was new and wasn’t too helpful in letting me know how the ordering process goes (what’s included, what’s not included, etc)–basically, I had to take the initiative to ask about the whole process. I also didn’t appreciate him answering me in such a way that made it seem as though why am I asking him…?? 
Also, about 1/3 through my friend’s meal, we realized that she didn’t get the seaweed salad and crabmeat (included w/ the price) because she wasn’t aware and nobody told her 😒 they can improve on that by letting diners know what’s included and what’s not. 
I’d definitely go back… Just hope that if I get that young guy again, that I won’t have to ask about everything.