Grandma Kim’s Family Diner (Canoga Park,CA)


One of our GO-TOs!! Local’s definitely need to go at least one… And then you’ll probably go many times after that! 😀 
From the very first day, we saw patrons coming and going; and most of those were regulars (can tell by the interaction). 


 They have KBBQ but everything is grilled in the kitchen–personally, I prefer that since it doesn’t get my whole being all smoky smelling. I don’t have to rush home to shower and wash my hair, haha!


Unlimited Sides


Kimchi Tofu w/ Pork


Spicy Brisket Soup

 We’ve had a variety of deliciousness here… Can’t really go wrong. Their BBQ is on the slightly sweet side (I’m more of a savory BBQ gal), so I don’t order their BBQ. Do love their hot pots, bibimbap, and ramen. Just wish they would have pork dumplings–they only have beef dumplings, boo…
Their sides are tasty, too! I prefer their sides over most other Korean places–maybe I’m just accustomed to it. 
Overall, definitely check it out!! Local or not, stop by and have a meal!


Young-Dong Tofu Restaurant (Arcadia, CA)


Decided to eat here since it was on the list of top 10 places to eat in Arcadia. 
It’s not a hole-in-the-wall by any means, but you can see it’s a family owned biz… I like it 🙂


Yay for hot tea instead of water 🙂

Their menu is on their placemat–clever, simple, and straight to the point. 
They sat us at a table right in front of a door with a sign that said the area in front of the door should be clear by 36 inches o_O thank goodness nothing exploded while we were seated there, haha!
I ordered the seafood tofu and the BF ordered the pork tofu. As usual, they provided the unlimited sides–they were okay, we’ve had better. One of their sides was something with sliced hot chili peppers–that was tasty! A little salad was also provided to the both of us–simple iceberg salad mix (kind you can get out of a bag) with their house sauce (THAT was tasty!). 


Unlimited sides… it was okay…


Plain salad mix w/ tasty house sauce

My seafood tofu was decent, nothing special. They’re serious about it being seafood–meaning they gave me while, unpeeled shrimp (made me think of Boiling Crab, haha). 

BF’s pork tofu was the same other than the pork–that was bland to me… Glad I got my seafood one. 

We were both given rice inside stone pots where the edges of the rice gets crispy–yum! 

Overall, it was decent. Wouldn’t be the place I’d think of going the next time we’re in the area. But if we wanted something familiar, we’d go 🙂