Pho Huynh (El Monte, CA)

asian, noodles, Pho, Vietnamese

When stepping in, I was expecting for a typical pho setting–white walls, minimal investment into the interior and tables/chairs. To my surprise, it was a couple steps up from that–had the restaurant name by the register on the wall in script writing (ooh, so fancy 😜), tables and chairs were decent, and interior was actually given some thought! 

From that, I assumed the food was going to be a couple steps up from the typical hole-in-the-wall pho places… It was not. It took 1 1/2 steps back 😞 NOOOOOOO! Why???

Ordered – fresh coconut, Spring Rolls, Shrimp Pho, and #2 Combination Pho (steak meat, filet mignon, and brisket). 

Fresh Coconut – tiny, took 10 sips (if that) and it was gone 😣 the meat was too tough for my liking. I prefer the coconuts from a Thai restaurant. 

Shrimp Pho – lacked flavor. There’s usually various spices and bottles of sauces that are on the table to personalize your bowl of pho. I felt I was adding too much and working to hard for it to get to where I wanted–still didn’t end up where I wanted, just settled at a point because I had put in so much already and didn’t want to overload my bowl w/ sodium 😳

#2 Combination Pho – the BF ordered this dish. Says soup was okay. He was expecting the meat to be good (especially after our intense hour of bubble soccer, I digress), but it was disappointing to find out that it was mostly too fatty for his liking. Nothing special here for him.

Spring Rolls (no pic 😫) – wasn’t tasty, tasted like nothing (kind of how I would image air to taste like). Even the mix of peanut sauce and chili paste didn’t do much. Ate only 1 of the 3 rolls 😒

Service – was okay, maybe a tad less than okay; comparable to other pho places. 

Overall… No, we won’t be coming back 🙁 One can get better tasting food w/ the same service elsewhere, around the same amount of money.