Lucky Noodle King (San Gabriel, CA)

asian, Chinese

Came with a group of friends – love eating family style… means I get to eat more dishes and not limited to just one dish, haha!

It’s a cozy restaurant, looks family owned. When it comes to Chinese food, I’m not sure what to expect anymore–sometimes it unexpectedly delish; and other times, it’s unexpectedly terrible and super Americanized o_O

Fortunately, I am glad to say that these are non-Americanized dishes! (If i wanted Asian fusion, I’d go to one specifically advertising as such -_- )

Got their canned herbal tea (pic included, cans are different but it is the same tea inside)–better than I thought. It was slightly sweetened, but not like the commercial bottled teas that can be found in American grocery stores (think Arizona brand).

Started off w/ the chef’s special, Fish in Chili Oil–if you eat the chili, it WILL be spicy and most likely burn your throat (the unpleasant kind of burn, haha). But if you use the slotted serving spoon to get the fish, it’s great! 😀

Next, the String Beans w/ Minced Pork–I love me some string beans!! We always order this whenever we’re at a Chinese restaurant; so, it was only necessary to do so at this eatery. It was a great complementary dish to our table… but I must admit, I am biased to veggies… LOVE them!! 😀

Another veggie dish, Garlic Water Spinach–please order this!! I’m accustomed to the Thai version of water spinach but this is still a terrific (and healthy!) side dish!! I think I hogged this… or at least I tried to, haha!!

The BF was there, so, unsurprisingly, he ordered Chicken Fired Rice. It was as bland or bad as I was expecting–expectations have come by means of negative experiences at other Chinese eateries. A few of my friends didn’t much care for this but the BF and I thought it was fine–not the best, but nothing close to some ‘ugh’ ones we have had.

Service was awesome! Very friendly and personable!! If you’re in the area and are in the mood for Chinese, check it out!


Thai Haven (Winter Haven, FL)


While visiting Davenport, FL, we drove out a bit for some Asian food–originally, we went to Royal Asian Fusion (unfortunately, it was closed when we got there *argh!* – Yelp said it was open). But maybe it was better off, because only a few miles away was Thai Haven. 

9 out of 10 times, Eli orders Thai Iced Tea. It’s usually too sweet for me o_O but this one was sweeter than usual because even Eli was diluting it with water. By the color of it, they didn’t put enough creamer in there–not sure how much that would affect the sweetness. 

If you love Thai Iced Tea and rarely dine Thai without it, this might not affect you; but this is not the place I would have a person unfamiliar w/ this tea to try it for the first time. 

Eli’s dish… It was on the sweet side but okay. What’s awesome about this dish at Thai Haven was that when I asked for medium spicy, it was Thai medium spicy; not the tamed “American” medium spicy 😀 Thai food isn’t as good when it’s not spicy! Well, for me, no dish is as tasty if there’s no spice ;P

My dish was the Drunken Noodles. I don’t have a pic of it because the image was blurry and I didn’t realize till we had already left :*( 

Their spicy rating is 1-5, 5 being “extremely spicy.” That wording scurd me, so I opted for level 4 🙂 It had a real good kick to it. When ordering, I did mention that I’m Thai–wonder if that had an impact… Usually, it doesn’t. So, I’m surprised, if it did. 

Overall, this place is a must if one is in the area! Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised! Wasn’t expecting the flavor to be as good as it was–glad my expectations were wrong! 😀