Sam Woo (Van Nuys, CA)

asian, Chinese

One of our go-to’s! Not only do you get more authentic Chinese food (vs the Americanized version) AND the service to match!! 😂 Just kidding! It’s not that bad. But maybe they’re a little nicer to us because we’ve been regulars for years. If we were to go to another one of their locations, I can almost guarantee we would get that strong, cold Chinese server kind of service–they want you to eat, pay, and get out! 😳😑 Oh, yes, I have had that experience before at a Sam Woo in Las Vegas, NV. A group of my friends and I had dinner; we were chatting after our meal for a bit when a server came over with the bill, threw it on the table, and said “You pay! You pay now!!” 😒 Yep… (sigh)…

Anyhow, that’s not the case anymore and that was the only time–which occurred at the Vegas location where they were  generally cold and unfriendly anyhow 😑

Back to the Sam Woo located in the San Fernando Valley in SoCal…

I’ve tried a good variety of dishes there but since having gone w/ Eli, he likes to stick to the things he knows. So, whenever we go there now, there’s not much variety. Two of our usual are the String Beans w/ Minced Pork and the Fish Filet w/ Spicy Salt. 

String Beans – not much to elaborate on… It’s tasty and healthy, period! Even my daughter loves it! I love how it has the perfect crunch to it! 

Fish Filet – I once ordered this on a whim, had an itch to try a different plate. As you might have guessed, Eli was not excited and even went about making a stink face 😒 The irony?? We’ve had it during our last 5 visits there because Eli asked for it 😳 I’m beginning to get that itch to try something different again. I’ve grown tired of this even though it’s good. 

Service – the servers are awesome! Friendly and personable as an older Chinese man can be 😂 

Interior – they’ve updated the place in the last couple years… Has made such a difference! Not a huge renovation or anything, just upgrades. I feel better and cleaner eating in there 🙊

Overall, this is a MUST if you’re wanting Chinese and w/o the cold service. We’ll always go back… Let’s hope I’m successful in getting a different plate, haha!