BlaqHaus (North Hollywood, CA)

American, burger

Upon entering, found the concept/decor to be trendy/hip but lacked in potential due to the location of this eatery. Just wouldn’t picture a place like this in the area that its located in… would’ve been more fitting in the NoHo Arts District. 

As soon as we stepped in, we immediately noticed the layer of oil that covered the floor–similar to what one would find in the restaurant kitchen after hours of busy activity cooking up a storm. We assumed the same water was used to mop the dining area floor AFTER mopping the kitchen 😖 While we were eating, we witnessed a patron slip but, fortunately, she didn’t fall. 

For the food… we were pleasantly surprised! Both of us got burgers–The Venus (vegetarian) and The Hangover (had fried egg and bacon, yum!). And both was accompanied by a side of fries and three different dipping sauces (uh, yes, please!). 

I loved how crispy the fries were, Eli thought they were slightly over cooked… choose your preference 😋

I had gotten a Groupon voucher which made the experience okay. But don’t think I would go back to pay full price since our total came out to be almost $30 for just these two burgers that tasted good… just not THAT good. I would go back for the fries 🍟 though! Hehe 😋


ShopHouse Kitchen (Beverly Grove, Los Angeles, CA)

asian, healthy

Wish I had a better experience here. Seemed like a good concept. Unfortunately, the taste didn’t match the inviting concept–the food didn’t taste as good as the place looked :-/

Got their salad bowl w/ all the sauces and even added my own fixings… STILL tasted not good :-/ On top of that, my friend got their mango parfait dessert and that was a couple dollars down the trash–it didn’t have any flavor… What is going on here??


I hope the other locations are better considering there are multiple locations o_O

On the upside, the staff are friendly and helpful!

With LA exploding w/ plenty of tasty eateries, I won’t be spending my hard earned money here again.

Kobee Factory (Van Nuys, CA)


Unexpected pleasant surprise!

The BF and I were just looking to grab lunch after he got a hair trim. And, of course, I jumped on Yelp and started searching (having no idea what I was in the mood for). 
When I came across Kobee Factory on the list of nearby eateries, I noticed the high rating, low pricing, and yummy looking pics… So, unsurprisingly, I was now in the mood for Mediterranean/Middle Eastern/Syrian 😜

It’s pretty much a family owned biz. Cozy and clean (bonus for the latter!)! The place is situated in a more industrial area (think, auto repair and such). There’s parking in the very front but it’s kind of snug. Might be better parking on side streets–depending how good of a parker/driver you are 🤓
As for the food…

FALAFEL WRAP w/ salad & hummus

FALAFEL WRAP w/ salad & hummus – that’s my meal. It was good and became better after I added more hummus to it and topped w/ chili 😁 I could do without the salad. Hummus was creamy and tasty! 

SHAWARMA BEEF w/ fries & hummus – the BF’s dish. He enjoyed his wrap. Fries weren’t anything special–reminded me of the ones from the grocery store’s frozen section. Hummus was “simple” to him (hmm, not exactly sure what that means, haha). 

BAKLAVA – um… I’ve never seen them shaped like this 😳 Looks weird to me, haha! I know, it’s silly but it doesn’t make it look appetizing. If I were to go by presentation only, I wouldn’t have touched this. But for the sake of this review, I grabbed one… It was okay, not that sweet (which says something since I find most desserts to be too sweet for my taste). I’ve definitely had better–in taste and looks 😕

As for service… They were friendly and answered our questions w/o an attitude. Came to check on us once (which is fine). 

Btw, this is the kind of place where you order and pay beforehand and they bring the food out to you.
Took a bit longer than I would expect for a couple wraps but I’m assuming that’s due to them making the food as its ordered. Yes, I prefer fresh over speed 🙂
Overall, check out this place for an economically priced meal that’s fresh!!! Can’t beat that combo!!! 😁👍😍

Thai Haven (Winter Haven, FL)


While visiting Davenport, FL, we drove out a bit for some Asian food–originally, we went to Royal Asian Fusion (unfortunately, it was closed when we got there *argh!* – Yelp said it was open). But maybe it was better off, because only a few miles away was Thai Haven. 

9 out of 10 times, Eli orders Thai Iced Tea. It’s usually too sweet for me o_O but this one was sweeter than usual because even Eli was diluting it with water. By the color of it, they didn’t put enough creamer in there–not sure how much that would affect the sweetness. 

If you love Thai Iced Tea and rarely dine Thai without it, this might not affect you; but this is not the place I would have a person unfamiliar w/ this tea to try it for the first time. 

Eli’s dish… It was on the sweet side but okay. What’s awesome about this dish at Thai Haven was that when I asked for medium spicy, it was Thai medium spicy; not the tamed “American” medium spicy 😀 Thai food isn’t as good when it’s not spicy! Well, for me, no dish is as tasty if there’s no spice ;P

My dish was the Drunken Noodles. I don’t have a pic of it because the image was blurry and I didn’t realize till we had already left :*( 

Their spicy rating is 1-5, 5 being “extremely spicy.” That wording scurd me, so I opted for level 4 🙂 It had a real good kick to it. When ordering, I did mention that I’m Thai–wonder if that had an impact… Usually, it doesn’t. So, I’m surprised, if it did. 

Overall, this place is a must if one is in the area! Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised! Wasn’t expecting the flavor to be as good as it was–glad my expectations were wrong! 😀

Peppers Thai Cuisine (Palm Springs, CA)



Front patio seating


Main room


Hmm… Having come from LA (plethora of delicious, reasonably priced Thai restaurants), initially, it was hard for me to see the slightly higher prices. 

The atmosphere is not completely casual, more like the higher end of casual (hope that makes sense). 

The clientele is definitely more non-Thai (non-Asian, in general). The flavoring is more toned down and spicy factor was almost nonexistent. Thank goodness our server was Thai (a couple other servers weren’t Thai), I was able to speak to him in Thai hoping that our food would come out more Thai-like, haha. 
After our food arrived, I asked for a side of the traditional Thai chili peppers in fish sauce–even that wasn’t spicy. I’m assuming that might be because they don’t use much Thai chili peppers–they had mixed in Serrano chili. 
As for the food, we ordered Thai chicken fried rice and yellow curry w/ soy meat (don’t ask, haha). For where we are and their usual clientele, the food was decent. Does make me appreciate LA’s Thai food more now, though 😀
 Also, what’s nice is that they have the option of substituting soy meat for any of their dishes, yay! So, no worries to all you vegetarians out there! 😀
The staff are all very friendly, nice, and professional! That always adds to the experience. 
Overall, even though the food was just okay and a bit more pricey than I’m used to (compared to better tasting Thai food), I still give them a 4 out of 5 taking into consideration the location and great service–it’s not always about the food 😀